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Besan Ke Ladoo (gram flour sweet)
* Mota Besan/laddoo besan/coarse gram flour: 3.5 Katori
* Fine Sugar: 2 cup
* Ghee: 1 cup (if you wish, can add more for winter purpose to
give good tatse)
* Cardamom powder: half tsp, Coconut Powder, Cashew nuts/Almonds
(broken): 1/4 cup (I generally don't prefer to add)
Heat ghee in thick pan. 
Add besan/gram flour
and roast on medium heat stirring continuously till your 
is filled with a nice aroma. Spread this on a plate/thali. 

When it is slightly warm add sugar, cardmom powder, raisins 
golden brown cashew nuts & almonds. 

Mix well and start forming balls while the mixture is still 
If you wish, roll these balls in coconut powder.